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Long gloves (no finger tips)

White or black


  • 100% Polyceramic (Bio-Ceramic) Material. No Filler Material or Elastics
  • Polypropylene, Bio-Ceramic Minerals
  • Wicking Properties
  • Wear Daily Or At Night While Sleeping
  • Ideal for those suffering from Raynaud’s Disease, arthritis, joint pain and inflammation
  • Unisex Fit
  • Velcro Adjustment At The Wrist
  • Soft & Flexible




Allows better blood circulation on the top of the hand, in the side of the hand, or below the hand, also helps at the same time for the carpal tunnel.

People who need the tips of their fingers to work like electricians, fishermen etc ...



PRICE:   75.00 $   CAD

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