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Long underpants

White or Black

SMALL 7-8 years

LARGE 14-16 years old

Allows better blood circulation, warms up if you are cold, if you are hot, passes through the garment to exteriorize the toxins in our body and stay dry. Soothes or touches clothing.

Comfortable long johns/leggings with the therapy benefit of far infrared. ENERGY WEAR / FASTER RECOVERY

  • Relieve Stiff Muscles Such As Tight Hamstrings
  • 100% Polyceramic (Bio-Ceramic) Material. No Filler Material or Elastics
  • Polypropylene, Bio-Ceramic Minerals
  • Naturally Breathable
  • Wicking Properties
  • Reduce Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Helps Relieve Sore Leg Muscles
  • Added Warmth & Soothing Far Infrared
  • Unisex Fit


PRICE:   110.00 $   CAD

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