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Far infrared stockings improve blood circulation in the feet and toes to relieve foot pain, Raynaud's syndrome symptoms and many other foot problems. It is a non-invasive, therefore gentle therapy that relieves pain in the area of ​​the foot and toes.


Made of soft and durable far infrared fabric, the Thermoflow® therapeutic socks directly circulate which improves health and general well-being.

It is an asset for tired feet. Can be used during the day and / or at night.


A gentle approach

Thermoflow® thermotherapy is gentle and progressive! Heat and cold can provide temporary pain relief. The application of heat relieves pain and stiffness by relaxing sore muscles and stimulating blood circulation in the affected area.

For its part, the cold causes the blood vessels to constrict and blocks nerve impulses in the joint, which has the effect of numbing the sore region. Applying an ice pack or cold compress relieves inflammation and would therefore be the method of choice when the joint is inflamed.

Check with your doctor or other knowledgeable healthcare professional when to use heat in the therapeutic process.

In addition, the Thermoflow® therapeutic socks are not intended to support or keep the ankle in a stable position. Check with a doctor, physiotherapist, or physical rehabilitation therapist to find out which therapeutic clothing or accessory to use.


Healthy feet!

Healthy feet are essential for traveling or when standing. Any pain that appears in this area therefore quickly becomes disabling and requires a meeting with a doctor, physiotherapist or physical rehabilitation therapist.

To drink a lot of water !

When using the Thermoflow® therapeutic socks, drink water. It is good for your foot and for your health in general.

Strong and resistant

Like all therapeutic clothing from Thermoflow®, our therapeutic socks are of good quality; it is solid and resistant. You can keep it for many years.


Thermoflow®'s therapeutic clothing should be washed in cold water, without fabric softener and dried flat. Never put it in the dryer or on the rope in the sun.


Available colors: white or black

Available sizes:

Small: 4/7

Medium: 7/10

Large: 10/13

Example: for a size 8-9-ou10 in the shoe, choose medium or 7/10.

 PRICE:  $55.00 CAD

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