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Head cover

1 size fit all.

White or black

  • Provides penetrating therapy for head and scalp
  • Can be worn by itself or under a hat or head cover
  • Helps with oxygen delivery to scalp and hair follicles
  • Revitalizes tissue and promotes better circulation
  • Wear day or night
  • Soft stretch and breathable maximum comfort


For the headache, for all the parts around the head that are painful, as long as it affects the sore part. For cold weather, it can be worn alone or under a snowmobile or motorcycle helmet, or for walking. It can be worn for sleeping or during the day.


Far Infrared head cap helps circulation of the head and scalp.

Completely Covers Scalp

100% Polyceramic (Bio-Ceramic) Material. No Filler Material or Elastics

Polypropylene, Bio-Ceramic Minerals

Wicking Properties

Helps To Promote Healthier Hair And Hair Growth

Enhances Circulation By Reflecting Natural Far Infrared Energy Deep Into The Scalp

Wear By Itself Or Can Be Worn Under A Hat / Cap or Head Cover

Unisex Fit

Wear Day Or Night

PRICE:  $52.00  CAD

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